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  • Independent creative reviews, pitch consultancy work
  • Branding, brand name development
  • Design of brochures and flyers
  • Sub editing
  • Direct Marketing creative development

Blogfolio: A website that’s part blog, part portfolio. Click on Rants if you’d like to read my copywriting blog. Click on the various portfolio categories below to be shown some samples of my work.

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HARC Online Community

HARC logoHARC is a worldwide community of organisations and individuals dedicated to promoting and sharing research on HIV, AIDs and religion.

HARC members are scattered around the globe. I created a brand identity and built an online community allowing members to come together – a place where they can collaborate through private groups, forums and private messaging. The site was recently launched and has attracted over 40 members so far. I also design and distribute e-newsletters for HARC members and interested parties.

The HARC site is built with BuddyPress – a WordPress plug-in. There are loads of applications for BuddyPress. If you could benefit from an online community that is private and independent, unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, please get in touch to discuss.

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