Weasel word of the week

Every week I’ll be introducing a different weasel word: one which in advertising copy has a slightly different interpretation, and I’ll be giving you its true definition.

This week’s word: Promise

This is what you say when you want to imply ‘guarantee’, but the legal department is all over you like a swarm of blackfly if you so dare. For example: Price promise. “Our prices are the cheapest on the high street. That’s our promise to you.”

It’s a statement of intent, possibly a very heartfelt one, but it’s not really backed by anything you could hang your hat on. It’s a bit like promising to do your homework before you go out. You really, really mean to. In fact you promise to. You just don’t guarantee it, that’s all.

One thought on “Weasel word of the week

  1. Funny, I often suggested clients went with promise instead of guarantee as it was more human and believable.

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