SEO. So you think you know what it stands for.

It occurred to me that surely the best company offering SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) must be the one that gets its own company listed at the top when you do a search on Google for SEO. After all, there are pages, pages and bloomin’ pages of listings, and what chance you’d choose any of those on say, page 45 or below – despite them all promising stupendous results for you?

So I tried just searching on the keyword SEO. The results were interesting.

Top spot (not counting the paid listings) was not a SEO company at all. It was Wikipedia. Which suggests to me at least that one possible way to promote your offering might be to get mentioned in as many Wikipedia articles as possible, though that may go against the spirit and probably the rules of Wikipedia. I don’t know.

But who came top, not counting the paid listings and Wikipedia?

Again, quite surprisingly, not a search engine optimisation company. It was Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) London, “a not-for-profit organisation that every year provides hundreds of outstanding undergraduate students from under-represented ethnic minority backgrounds the unique opportunity to gain summer internships at the most prestigious investment banks, professional service firmsĀ and corporate law firms in the UK.”

So who then, after the paid stuff and the Wikipedia and the educationalists, came top in the SEO search for a SEO company?

Stand up and take a bow, – and surprisingly their web copy did not seem overly repetitive or screamingly dull.

Maybe there’s something to be said for SEO after all.

Still going at page 41...


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