White van man speaks

Van drivers. Do they have opinions about vans? Does a decorator’s radio have the odd paint spot? You can bet they’d have something to say about Ford’s new Transit. A 3-day test drive would give them time to come up with a few honest observations – and then note them down on this business-like clipboard that was mailed to artisans up and down the country. It worked like a charm, with 50 test drives being booked into Ford dealerships on the day the mailer landed.

Remember, if you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you. Nor can I hear you either. Because I’m on my mobile.

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Defrost for 24 hours

Sweden lies partly within the Arctic Circle, so you’d imagine they would know a thing or two about making an all-weather convertible. This pack, mailed in a frosted plastic envelope, proved the point and contained an invitation to take a 24-hour test drive. I have no idea how many cars it sold but it did win a John Caples dinner so that’s alright.

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