The Prostate Cancer Charity Annual Review

The Prostate Cancer Charity produces an annual review that goes out to supporters, potential benefactors and other interested parties. It’s an important piece of communication for the Charity and has to be well produced. I worked with the Charity’s designer Stuart Chapman to create and write the review for 2008/09. We commissioned illustrations from Silke Bachmann to set the tone for piece – serious yet not too heavy, optimistic without being overly upbeat. I was careful to follow suit with the tone of the copy. To complete the task I interviewed members of the Charity’s key staff and volunteer workers, either face to face of by telephone.

Watch this guy go viral

To promote 3Com’s range of network security products, a viral campaign was created consisting of emails (subject line: Watch this guy go) and an embedded movie featuring a cheeky thief caught on CCTV while a security guard sleeps. Several version were made. Here’s one of them that turned up on YouTube, and someone’s thoughtfully added a music track (not ours!)

Through Draft London

White van man speaks

Van drivers. Do they have opinions about vans? Does a decorator’s radio have the odd paint spot? You can bet they’d have something to say about Ford’s new Transit. A 3-day test drive would give them time to come up with a few honest observations – and then note them down on this business-like clipboard that was mailed to artisans up and down the country. It worked like a charm, with 50 test drives being booked into Ford dealerships on the day the mailer landed.

Remember, if you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you. Nor can I hear you either. Because I’m on my mobile.

Through Wunderman Automotive. Art Director Anthony Cliff. Continue reading

Good news for ex-pats

Nothing’s so old as yesterday’s news, so when The Times decided to print a local edition of the paper in Spain, sun-loving Brits were happy to find they could keep abreast of Blighty via their morning newspaper without the usual 24-hour wait. Media: in-flight magazines; airplane meal drip mats; airport posters.

Through Draft London. Art Director Tyrone Probert.

Alive with colour

Dell laptops have for years been synonymous with Dull – at least in my book. My own dull grey Inspiron was proof enough of that. But now, consumers are offered a choice of lively colours. Dell wished to communicate this online in an arresting way. Many colourful and eye-catching ideas were pitched, including this, one of a series of animated banners. None of which you will have seen running. No change there, then.

Through Enfatico. Art Director Bei Li


Great Ormond St Hospital (GOSH) needed to raise enough cash to re-equip two ageing operating theatres with state-of-the-art operating tables, video equipment and air conditioning. This mailer to an existing donor base brought in all that was needed – twice over. When that happens, that’s when you’re glad direct marketing has measurable results.

A right, not a hand-out.

Pick it up. It’s yours. No, really, it is.

When Pension Credit was introduced the fear was that many of the most needy recipients would be too proud to claim what was seen by some as a hand-out – even though it was their absolute entitlement. My campaign strapline, ‘Pick it Up. It’s Yours.’ conveyed the message that Pension Credit is there to be collected as of right.

Through Draft London. Art Director Ed Floyd.