Tools off the kitchen counter, please


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is best known for being a… yes well a celebrity chef. But thanks to BT’s TV advertising he’s also known as a guy who’s learnt to stay out of the server cabinet, as he clearly can’t stand the heat. This is one of a number of ‘B2B marketing collateral pieces’ (that’s brochures and flyers to you and me) that I was commissioned to write, explaining BT’s products and service offerings for small businesses.

Through TAG Worldwide
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Watch this guy go viral


Here’s a video for IT company 3Com, made from a script I wrote when at Draft Worldwide, to promote 3Com’s range of network security products. It may look like something designed to become a viral Youtube video, but it was written before Youtube came into existence, and distributed by email (subject line: Watch this guy go). (more…)

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Beers with Brent


In the movie ‘Life On The Road’, David Brent resorts to paying people to go for a drink with him. In real life, Rickie Gervais’s production company paid me to invite cast and crew for drinks at a private screening. I devised this html email and tracked responses, with follow-up emails to those who did not respond.


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Environmentally driven


The first taxi company to become carbon-neutral, Radio Taxis wanted a campaign to advertise the fact. I coined the campaign line ‘Environmentally driven’. A set of taxi wraps were designed, the yellow logo turned green and tip seat advertising was installed as shown.


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Gosh. This helped to save lives.


Great Ormond St Hospital (GOSH) needed to raise enough cash to re-equip two ageing operating theatres with state-of-the-art operating tables, video equipment and air conditioning. This mailer to an existing donor base brought in all that was needed – twice over. When that happens, that’s when you’re glad direct marketing has measurable results. (more…)

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Buy cocaine. Give a landmine.


Not a victimless activity. A tube poster to get the message across that if you use cocaine, you’re also buying landmines for Colombia. This concept was developed for the charity No More Landmines to highlight how the illegal trade in cocaine helps to fund landmines used to protect crops and labs. Did you know just $3 is enough to make a device that can maim a child? Well you do now.

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Fancy your own restaurant?


Sainsbury’s wanted to launch a range of fresh Asian sauces made by Sharwood. The sauces make it simple to cook authentic Asian cuisine in your own home. We sent out menus personalised with the recipient’s details munged into the name and address of an Asian restaurant. (more…)

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Precision marketing


Dell targets SMEs through regular email marketing. Here’s one of many, this one featuring the Dell Precision 6400 Workstation – for creative professionals who need a powerful machine and like to take their work along with them. (more…)

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Writing about men’s health


The Prostate Cancer Charity produces an annual review that goes out to supporters, potential benefactors and other interested parties. It’s an important piece of communication for the Charity and has to be well produced. I worked with the Charity’s designer Stuart Chapman to create and write this review. (more…)

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The new, improved Saab 9-5


Saab’s new 9-5 looked almost identical to the old 9-5, in spite of many of improvements all over the car. This attention -grabbing image was created as the front cover of  Saab magazine insert and mailed to existing and prospective Saab buyers. The image is created from copy listing many of the thousands of enhancements in the new range. (more…)

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