Watch this guy go viral


Here’s a video for IT company 3Com, made from a script I wrote when at Draft Worldwide, to promote 3Com’s range of network security products. It may look like something designed to become a viral Youtube video, but it was written before Youtube came into existence, and distributed by email (subject line: Watch this guy go). (more…)

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Precision marketing


Dell targets SMEs through regular email marketing. Here’s one of many, this one featuring the Dell Precision 6400 Workstation – for creative professionals who need a powerful machine and like to take their work along with them. (more…)

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Alive with colour


Dell laptops have for years been synonymous with Dull – at least in my book. My own dull grey Inspiron was proof enough of that. But now, consumers are offered a choice of lively colours. Dell wished to communicate this online in an arresting way. Many colourful and eye-catching ideas were pitched, including this, one of a series of animated banners. None of which you will have seen running. No change there, then.

Through Enfatico. Art Director Bei Li
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Tools off the kitchen counter, please


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is best known for being a… yes well a celebrity chef. But thanks to BT’s TV advertising he’s also known as a guy who’s learnt to stay out of the server cabinet, as he clearly can’t stand the heat. This is one of a number of ‘B2B marketing collateral pieces’ (that’s brochures and flyers to you and me) that I was commissioned to write, explaining BT’s products and service offerings for small businesses.

Through TAG Worldwide
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