Environmentally driven


The first taxi company to become carbon-neutral, Radio Taxis wanted a campaign to advertise the fact. I coined the campaign line ‘Environmentally driven’. A set of taxi wraps were designed, the yellow logo turned green and tip seat advertising was installed as shown.


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Beers with Brent


In the movie ‘Life On The Road’, David Brent resorts to paying people to go for a drink with him. In real life, Rickie Gervais’s production company paid me to invite cast and crew for drinks at a private screening. I devised this html email and tracked responses, with follow-up emails to those who did not respond.


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Good news for ex-pats


The rain, in Spain. Nothing’s so old as yesterday’s news, so when The Times decided to print a local edition of the paper in Spain, sun-loving Brits were happy to find they could keep abreast of Blighty via their morning newspaper without the usual 24-hour wait.


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