Resolution By Design


Resolution By Design is a specialist consultancy that provides legal advice in disputes that can arise in complex construction projects. I was tasked with the design of a new website to showcase the company’s portfolio of cases.


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Lovestruck Interiors


Lovestruck Interiors is a small business that sells unique products for the home. They market their wares via their e-commerce website. I revamped the website recently and I regularly assist them with the many technical issues that every e-commerce store owner faces – GDPR, email marketing, SEO, Google Analytics… the list is long.


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Pulse Outdoor Media


Pulse Outdoor Media is a company that specialises in advertising within hospitals. If you’ve been to a hospital recently you are bound to have seen ads and leaflet dispensers for products such as Pampers, Vitabiotics, Wellkid, Macmillan Nurses and many more. It’s powerful, effective niche marketing. I designed a new website for Pulse that shows off their portfolio of product advertising.


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Saccomani Newton


Saccomani Newton is a verbatim response consultancy. If you don’t know what that is, I sugggest you look it up. I had to.


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The PetroExpo brand underwent a name change to forecourtEXPO, requiring a new logo along with changes to the website. I created the new logo and redesigned the site.

I also created a set of marketing materials for the annual forecourtEXPO event at the Hilton Metropole, including a 76-page Delegates Directory which was distributed on USB sticks to delegates attending the event.


  • Sports Incorporated Logo

Sports Incorporated


It was a pleasure to develop a new brand from scratch. Sports Incorporated asked me to come up with a brand identity for their new sports training business which had to have appeal for kids aged 7-9. Having my own 8 year old helped. It’s amazing how brand-savvy children are even at this young age. Cute images don’t work – everything needs a thoroughly grown-up look.


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