Creative Development

If your business needs a bit of inspiration, I’d love to help. I’ve won a whole bunch awards for creative development when working at major creative agencies, but as I am not a big agency with lots of overheads I promise to save you from the big agency price tag.



The Internet is in constant flux and websites, email accounts and related systems can be a source of frustration and woe. If you find yourself in that position, I can probably apply some magic to get things back to normal.


Online marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email marketing. The various social media channels can be very confusing for the beginner – and to make matters worse, things are constantly changing. I can help you set up your social media so you don’t waste any time or money, and I can integrate your channels into your website.


Corporate Identity

When businesses are in need of a website, chances are they are also in need of a brand identity. Logos, brand colours, straplines, typography, tone of voice… all has to come before first, certainly before a website is designed.


Website Design

Are you starting a new business? Does your website site need a revamp? I can help.  My company Togethernet  ( togethernet.co.uk ) was created for developing and maintaining websites for businesses.

I specialise in WordPress, a very powerful web builder system, with its vast array of software available for just about anything you’d ever need a website to do, and its easy-to-use content management system. (more…)


I am an experienced writer, having worked in permanent positions and as a freelancer at a number of well-known London agencies. I’ve devised creative solutions and crafted copy for famous brands such as Saab, Sainsbury’s, Dell, Burger King, Ford, Orange and many, many more. Some examples can be seen below. There’s a broad mix of media, from simple postcards to viral video. (more…)