It was a pleasure to develop a new brand from scratch. Sports Incorporated asked me to come up with a brand identity for their new sports training business which had to have appeal for kids aged 7-9. Having my own 8 year old helped. It’s amazing how brand-savvy children are even at this young age. Cute images don’t work – everything needs a thoroughly grown-up look.

The logo had to work on a variety of items including sportswear and flags as well as the usual stationery items. It also needed to look strong reproduced in black and white. I defined a set of brand colours and produced a set of logos using these colours. When these were approved I incorporated them into designs for posters, flyers and other marketing literature. At the same time I developed the Sports Incorporated website.

Here are some nice things David Emes of Sports Incorporated said: “The work that Ken has done for us has been quite brilliant. He immediately understood what we were trying to achieve and translated it, into the modern, young style that we wanted to portray. His friendly and easy going approach has certainly eased the stress factor, as his knowledge in IT, web design and copy writing, made our work a lot more manageable. We would certainly recommend Ken to any prospective customer without any hesitation at all, great value for money, but more importantly it is great to have the confidence when starting a business, to have someone with Ken’s ability to support you, whenever the need arises.”