I am an experienced writer, having worked in permanent positions and as a freelancer at a number of well-known London agencies. I’ve devised creative solutions and crafted copy for famous brands such as Saab, Sainsbury’s, Dell, Burger King, Ford, Orange and many, many more. Some examples can be seen below. There’s a broad mix of media, from simple postcards to viral video.

Environmentally driven

The first taxi company to become carbon-neutral, Radio Taxis wanted a campaign to advertise the fact. I coined the campaign line ‘Environmentally driven’. A set of taxi wraps were designed, the yellow logo turned green and tip seat advertising was installed as shown.

Beers with Brent

In the movie 'Life On The Road', David Brent resorts to paying people to go for a drink with him. In real life, Rickie Gervais's production company paid me to invite cast and crew for drinks at a private screening. I devised this html email and tracked responses, with follow-up emails to those who did not respond.

Writing about men’s health

I was commissioned to write the annual review 2008/09 for The Prostate Cancer Charity. It's an important piece of communication for the Charity and has to be well produced. What's more, the tone is crucial. I think I got the balance just about right.

Watch this guy go viral

A viral email video campaign for 3Com promoting their network security products. The movie depicts a cheeky thief who... well you can just watch it yourself. This won some dinners including a Marketing Direct Gold and a John Caples Silver.

Precision marketing

Dell targets SMEs through regular email marketing. This one highlights Dell's flagship Precision M6400 Mobile Workstation, ideal for creative professionals who need to take their work along with them. Fancy one? (Don't tell me you've got a Mac?)

Wooing the white van man

Van drivers. Do they have opinions? Does a decorator's radio have the odd paint spot? You can bet they'd have something to say about Ford's new Transit. So we asked them to try it for 3 days, and give us their opinion - or better still, an order.

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