If your business needs a bit of inspiration, I’d love to help. I’ve won a whole bunch awards for creative development when working at major creative agencies, but as I am not a big agency with lots of overheads I promise to save you from the big agency price tag.

After studying at the School of Communication Arts, I worked full-time as a Copywriter,  first in the creative department of IMP London and afterwards at Lowe Direct (aka Draft London). After leaving Draft I freelanced as a creative writer before setting up Togethernet to design and build websites.

Working on big brands when you’re at a big agency is easy – every job that comes across your desk is for a well-known name. For me that included Texaco, Burger King, Coca Cola, The Times, RAC and many more. Not so easy when you are a freelancer, but even so, I still managed to work for these famous names: Abbey, Asda, Betfair, British Gas, BT, Carphone Warehouse, Chelsea FC, Dell, Ford, Lloyds TSB, Microsoft, National Blood Transfusion Service, Radio Taxis, and Sainsburys.

I love to come up with creative ideas to market your wares and services – and having worked in just about every medium I don’t suffer from tunnel vision when it comes to media choice.

I have included a couple of examples below but please look around the site for more.


Here’s a video for IT company 3Com, made from a script I wrote when at Draft Worldwide. It may look like something designed to become a viral Youtube video, but it was written before Youtube came into existence, and distributed by email. The goal was to drive traffic to the 3Com security microsite where they could lern about 3Com’s embedded firewall solutions. It won a Marketing Direct gold creative award in 2004.

Tube poster for No More Landmines

Not a victimless activity

This tube poster concept is spec work, presented to the charity No More Landmines to highlight one of the many ways in which the narcotics trade leads to death and suffering. The poster depicts FARC rebel leaders. Since the poster was designed, things have changed — a peace agreement has resulted in FARC being demobilised. However, criminal gangs have taken over the production of cocaine and landmine deaths are on the increase. The charity No More Landmines no longer exists.