Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email marketing. The various social media channels can be very confusing for the beginner – and to make matters worse, things are constantly changing. I can help you set up your social media so you don’t waste any time or money, and I can integrate your channels into your website.

Some of the ways I can help you get going on social media:

  • Creation of social media accounts
  • Design of branded graphics to accompany them – header images, profile pics etc.
  • Setting up advertising accounts so that you can create advertisements to run on Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Setting up mailing lists, branded email templates, subscribe/unsubscribe forms.
  • Integrating subscription forms into your website
  • Linking your website so that it can automatically cross-post to your social media channels
  • Displaying your latest social media posts on your website
  • Ensuring that your Opengraph tags are set up on your website so that when visitors share your content on social media it displays well.

As the example below demonstrates, I can also help companies who need to target a specific list of individuals, to ensure their important message has been received and, equally importantly, that they don’t needlessly re-contact important clients with potentially adverse results.

Email campaign for Ricky Gervais’ Life On The Road Productions

Before the movie ‘Life On The Road’ was released, Ricky Gervais’s production company held a special screening for cast and crew. They required a relevant and appropriate invitation to email to invited guests. People’s contact details can change over the time it takes to make a movie and so they also wanted to be sure that their invitations had been received.

I designed the invitation (which is based around an ‘in joke’ from the script) as an html email. I used Mailchimp to send the invitations and to track opens and bounces. This allowed me to furnish follow-up lists of invitees who should be contacted by other means.

The production company could then be confident that the right people would attend the event and, with a close estimate of the number attending, invitations could be extended to more guests without danger of inviting more than could be accommodated.