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Online marketing


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email marketing. The various social media channels can be very confusing for the beginner – and to make matters worse, things are constantly changing. I can help you set up your social media so you don’t waste any time or money, and I can integrate your channels into your website.


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Corporate Identity


When businesses are in need of a website, chances are they are also in need of a brand identity. Logos, brand colours, straplines, typography, tone of voice… all has to come before first, certainly before a website is designed.


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Website Design


Are you starting a new business? Does your website site need a revamp? I can help.  My company Togethernet  ( togethernet.co.uk ) was created for developing and maintaining websites for businesses.

I specialise in WordPress, a very powerful web builder system, with its vast array of software available for just about anything you’d ever need a website to do, and its easy-to-use content management system. (more…)

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I am an experienced writer, having worked in permanent positions and as a freelancer at a number of well-known London agencies. I’ve devised creative solutions and crafted copy for famous brands such as Saab, Sainsbury’s, Dell, Burger King, Ford, Orange and many, many more. Some examples can be seen below. There’s a broad mix of media, from simple postcards to viral video. (more…)




The PetroExpo brand underwent a name change to forecourtEXPO, requiring a new logo along with changes to the website. I created the new logo and redesigned the site.

I also created a set of marketing materials for the annual forecourtEXPO event at the Hilton Metropole, including a 76-page Delegates Directory which was distributed on USB sticks to delegates attending the event.


  • Sports Incorporated Logo

Sports Incorporated


It was a pleasure to develop a new brand from scratch. Sports Incorporated asked me to come up with a brand identity for their new sports training business which had to have appeal for kids aged 7-9. Having my own 8 year old helped. It’s amazing how brand-savvy children are even at this young age. Cute images don’t work – everything needs a thoroughly grown-up look.


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Writing about men’s health


The Prostate Cancer Charity produces an annual review that goes out to supporters, potential benefactors and other interested parties. It’s an important piece of communication for the Charity and has to be well produced. I worked with the Charity’s designer Stuart Chapman to create and write this review. (more…)

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Watch this guy go viral


Here’s a video for IT company 3Com, made from a script I wrote when at Draft Worldwide, to promote 3Com’s range of network security products. It may look like something designed to become a viral Youtube video, but it was written before Youtube came into existence, and distributed by email (subject line: Watch this guy go). (more…)

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Precision marketing


Dell targets SMEs through regular email marketing. Here’s one of many, this one featuring the Dell Precision 6400 Workstation – for creative professionals who need a powerful machine and like to take their work along with them. (more…)

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Wooing the white van man


Van drivers. Do they have opinions about vans? Does a decorator’s radio have the odd paint spot? You can bet they’d have something to say about Ford’s new Transit. A 3-day test drive would give them time to come up with a few honest observations – and then note them down on a business-like clipboard that was mailed to artisans up and down the country. (more…)

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