Wooing the white van man


Van drivers. Do they have opinions about vans? Does a decorator’s radio have the odd paint spot? You can bet they’d have something to say about Ford’s new Transit. A 3-day test drive would give them time to come up with a few honest observations – and then note them down on a business-like clipboard that was mailed to artisans up and down the country. (more…)

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Defrost for 24 hours


Sweden lies partly within the Arctic Circle, so you’d imagine they would know a thing or two about making an all-weather convertible. This pack, mailed in a frosted plastic envelope, proved the point and contained an invitation to take a 24-hour test drive. I have no idea how many cars it sold but it did win a John Caples dinner so that’s alright.


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Good news for ex-pats


The rain, in Spain. Nothing’s so old as yesterday’s news, so when The Times decided to print a local edition of the paper in Spain, sun-loving Brits were happy to find they could keep abreast of Blighty via their morning newspaper without the usual 24-hour wait.


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Not your usual bank mailer


The banks are shut at Easter. Blood banks are no exception. This card, mailed to existing donors, is an urgent request to get along and donate before the closed period, to ensure supplies are maintained, as some vital blood products have a shelf life of just 3 days. (more…)

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A gentle reminder


Sometimes you don’t need to get too complicated. This cheap and cheerful postcard-sized mailer served as an effective reminder to RAC members of the major benefit of renewing their subscription – before it was too late.

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